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MEI CASHFLOW® AE26Q2 Validator

AE26Q2 for Virtuo juxboxes
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Announcing the availability of a new MEI bill validator engineered specifically for the TouchTunes Virtuo jukebox.

This new model combines the CASHFLOW AE 2600 validator with a newly designed, thinner bezel   entry.  This pairing makes the industry's best performing validator easily compatible with one of the hottest entertainment experiences!!

Features & Benefits

Down-stacker configuration easily fits into existing TouchTunes Virtuo jukeboxes without modification
Redesigned bill entry slot, installs in less than 5 minutes requiring the removal of only 4 screws
Validate and accept notes $1-$20

Model Number-# AE26Q2-D7M

Part Number- # 250004563

**Sold only as a new validator**