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MEI Showcases Infra-Red Changegiver at DA Expo

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Vending operators will be able to experience first-hand the unique data capturing abilities of the MEI CASHFLOW™ 7900i at DA Expo. MEI is inviting operators to Stand C51, where comprehensive demonstrations of the changegiver will show how it can minimise shrinkage and improve efficiency.
The MEI CASHFLOW™ 7900i uses Infra-Red Data Audit (IRDA) to capture full and accurate audit information in real time. This means that operators can immediately identify any discrepancies in the value of cash collected and the value of any cash in the tubes. The demonstrations by MEI’s French team will focus onhow the wide range of information available can be built into a comprehensive management control system to deliver complete cash reconciliation for operators.
MEI responded to customer feedback by introducing this contactless system which rules out common problems experienced by operators. Data loss caused by printer connection breakages, and wear-and-tear caused by frequent physical connections were among the problems reported.
Since its launch in 2005, the MEI CASHFLOW™ 7900i has proved particularly popular in France, with operators testifying to its ability to provide 100% reliable audit information, and reduce service costs.
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