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MEI Offers Easy “No Landfill” Recycling Process

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WEST CHESTER, Pa., July 15, 2008 – MEI has teamed with electronic recycling companies Intercon Solutions and Scientific Recycling Incorporated (SRI) to offer a “no landfill” recycling process for electronic vending products. MEI recently uncovered the need for this process when the company received a large number of outdated bill validators from vending and amusement customers who were taking advantage of MEI’s “New $5 trade-in Program.” The program was recently extended to September 15 due to overwhelming response.

When Intercon and SRI receive units for recycling, they disassemble the products and return the components to the market instead of disposing them as waste to be buried in landfills. Using this process, operators can now be sure that the units are disposed of in an environmentally responsible way. To date, MEI has recycled thousands of units, and its goal is to keep that number growing.

To kick off the product-recycling program, MEI is managing the product logistics of the pick-up and transport, and paying the expenses for the bill validators being recycled through the trade-in program. MEI encourages all customers to utilize this or a similar recycling program as they upgrade their vending machines and other electronic products to help decrease unnecessary landfill waste.

MEI selected SRI and Intercon Solutions because they share MEI’s dedication to protect the environment from harmful waste and to build sustainable business practices. Both companies recycle electronic products using environmentally friendly techniques.

“MEI wants to encourage business practices that respect the natural environment, and recycling electronic components is one way to do that,” said Jeff Jordan, executive vice president. “We encourage our associates, suppliers and customers to do their part to preserve the environment for future generations by reducing landfill waste.”

About MEI
MEI, headquartered in West Chester, Pa., holds the world’s largest installed base of unattended payment systems, handling over two billion transactions per week in more than 100 countries. The company developed the first electronic coin mechanism in the 1960s, followed by the first electronic non-contact bill acceptor, and more recently its credit card capability and vending management solution. Recently, MEI reached a milestone of selling more than four million bill acceptors and five million coin mechanisms worldwide. Its products are in widespread use in the vending, soft drink, gaming, amusement, transport, retail, and kiosk markets. For more information on MEI and its products, visit or call 800-345-8215.

About Intercon Solutions
Intercon Solutions is a Chicago-based ISO14001 recycling firm specializing in electronics. Through techniques that have taken years to develop, Intercon has created a way to turn end-of-life electronic machines, scrap and equipment into component materials. Each piece of equipment and/or material is tracked, disassembled by hand, carefully separated and eventually utilized as feedstock for various raw material extraction processes. These raw materials are in turn used to produce new metal and plastic products with no negative impact to the environment. Intercon’s de-manufacturing processes take place in their 250,000 square foot Chicago, IL facility, with other facilities in Ottawa, Vancouver, Thunder Bay and Toronto in Canada, and Sacramento, St. Louis, Concord, NC, Dallas and Tampa. For more information on Intercon Solutions, please visit

About Scientific Recycling
Scientific Recycling Incorporated (SRI) is a Wisconsin corporation formed in 1988 to accept discarded household appliances, commercial units, and obsolete computers. With their goal being disassembly in an environmentally beneficial manner, disassembled components are returned to the recycling market. SRI has put into operation a de-manufacturing system for post consumer white goods and E-waste, which to the greatest extent possible minimizes the release of harmful materials into the environment. SRI technicians are certified by the Department of Industry, Labor, and Human Relations and the Environmental Protection Agency, and their equipment is certified by the Department of Natural Resources as well as the EPA. SRI has locations in Wisconsin, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky and Texas. For more information on Scientific Recycling, please visit