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MEI CASHFLOW™ 7900 Benefits from Cashless Solution

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Vending operators throughout Europe are making the most of MEI’s cashless solution, which works alongside the successful MEI CASHFLOW™ 7900 changegiver. The MEI CASHFLOW™ Key is also compatible with the MEI CASHFLOW™ 690 through the MDB peripheral interface, and offers a simple solution to offer an alternative payment option to you customers.
MEI European Marketing Manager, Richard Gibson comments:” CASHFLOW™ Key has proved to be very successful in the Italian market where 90% of vending machines use a contactless key system. The CASHFLOW™ Key allows operators to offer differential pricing between cash and cashless, and is proven to be a cost-effective system that works in conjunction with both the CASHFLOW™ 7900 and the CASHFLOW™ 690.”
The MEI CASHFLOW™ Key is ideal for vending operators who wish to provide a cashless system alongside a changegiver. The key can be easily installed via the MDB peripheral interface, and all control is managed by the MEI CASHFLOW™ 7900. Readers and “user” keys can be programmed quickly and easily using a “set up” key.
Further benefits of the MEI CASHFLOW™ Key include:
  • It is easy to install and requires no additional interface
  • Allows differential pricing between coin and key payment
  • Its contactless connection ensures excellent resistance to dirt build-up allowing high usage without wear, high reliability and extended life
  • It has tried and tested technology including a Phillips transponder
  • It has excellent security
  • The MEI CASHFLOW™ Key comes with full support from industry leaders MEI


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