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BNA5 Series End of Life Advisory Bulletin

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BNA5P (SODECO) BNA55/56/57

Urgent Reminder

July 2014

In March of 2013 CPI Crane Payment Innovations informed customers that the BNA5P product line, BNA55, 56 and 57 bill acceptors, would cease production in March of 2015.   Further reminder communications have been sent during the first half of 2014.

Due to unprecedented demand for BNA5 bill acceptors during recent months we strongly urge all customers to place final orders as soon as possible in order to avoid disappointment. Availability of remaining product is limited, and therefore orders will be fulfilled on a first come first served basis. In addition, we have now ceased supply of BNA50/51/52 upgrade kits.



December 31, 2014     Last date CPI will accept purchase orders for BNA5P bill acceptors

(subject to remaining stocks.)

March 31, 2015            Last date CPI will fulfill purchase orders for BNA5P bill acceptors.

March 31, 2023            Estimated end date for availability of BNA5P spare parts based upon current commercial availability of components.

March 31, 2023            Estimated end date for availability of BNA5P bill set variants, technical support and authorised service center repair services.


Service Life

CPI will, to the best of its ability, support the BNA5P bill acceptor for eight years after the date of last manufacture.   This means that CPI will make every effort to ensure that spare parts are available and that bill sets for all supported countries will be maintained.   CPI will not create any new country variants during this time.   Any application requiring a new bill set should use the BNA5 replacement product, BNA6/BNR as discussed later in this document.

CPI intends to manufacture BNA541 and BNA542 cashboxes till such time that manufacturing of these cashboxes is no longer viable.   It is our expectation that these endeavors will allow us to maintain cashbox production until March, 2017.


Take Action

Q3, 2014                      Urgently submit purchase orders for all remaining required volumes of new BNA5 units.  

Q1, 2015                      Take final delivery of BNA5 bill acceptors.


Support & Replacement Options

CPI encourages customers to work with your traditional BNA5 Series supplier to obtain the latest information on BNA5 End of Life activities.

Building upon the heritage and renowned success of the BNA5 Series, and sharing modules and technology from the popular and well established MEI Bank Note Recycler (BNR), CPI is pleased to announce the arrival of the BNA6 Series of Bank Note Acceptors.   The BNA6 Series represents the next generation of MEI Bank Note Acceptors designed specifically for the demanding and often harsh environments of Transit, Parking and Toll revenue collection.  

The BNA6L, equipped with its 2,200 capacity locking cashbox represents the evolution of the BNA56/57 + BNA542, while the BNA6M and its 1,400+ capacity cashbox equates to the BNA56/57 + BNA541.

Customers wishing to transition to the newer, faster and more advanced BNR/BNA6 should consult with CPI or the original supplier of their revenue collection system.

We encourage you to visit the following links for further information from CPI:

Should you have any questions regarding BNA5 Series End of Life activities please contact your CPI Account Manager.