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MEI Banknote Recycler BNR

MEI Banknote Recycler BNR

The modular machine to accept and provide change with banknotes

With the MEI-BNR Banknote Recycler range of products, MEI addresses what Efficiency means for both end customers (e.g. Public Transport passengers, Parking customers) and operators when considering cash handling.

For end customers, it means getting back best banknote change instead of a large number of coins only.

For operators, it means having fewer banknotes to handle, in the Payment Machine (Ticket Vending or Parking Equipment) as well as in the cash room, since change is given with low value denominations instead of sending them all to the cashbox; moreover, having full control of cash at any time is an absolute requirement.
Interestingly, Efficiency also means having significantly fewer coins to handle.

In maintenance terms, Efficiency for operators translates into simpler and more cost effective maintenance procedures, made possible by the modular design of MEI BNR.

Lastly, for both end-customers and operators, Efficiency means that a Ticket Vending or a Parking Pay on Foot Machine becomes a more complete automatic Point Of Sales which provides better payment options and services.

The MEI BNR4 modular platform provides a combination of four different configurations, which can be chosen depending upon a number of operation factors. Any basic configuration can be easily upgraded thanks to the unique modular design of MEI BNR.

MEI Banknote Recycler BNR4-21S

Download Datasheet

Metal bezel; One Loader and four Recycler denominations.

Size: 1.2M bytes

MEI Banknote Recycler BNR3-20B

Download Datasheet

Plastic bezel; Four Recycler denominations. Ideal for parking applications.

Size: 1.1M bytes