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MEI GEO® Force™

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MEI GEO Force is a stacking note acceptor embedded with MEI results and technology. GEO Force delivers the right performance along with the most important features for applications at values previously not available from MEI. The product has a flexible architecture that includes up- or down-stacking capabilities and industry standard protocols to ensure a configuration to fit your machine as well as your needs.

The introduction of the GEO product portfolio to MEI’s proven line up allows AWP operators and retailers to select the right balance of performance and price for every application.

Bill Width

  • 62mm to 72mm

Operating Voltage

  • +12 +/- 10% VDC (standard)
  • 80-240 VAC (optional in-line PSU)

Operating Temperature

  • -15ºc to 60ºc

Maximum Humidity

  • 5% - 95% Rh (non-condensing)


  • Pulse
  • NISR
  • RS232
  • BDS
  • Parallel
  • Parallel Binary

Cashbox Capacity

  • 600
  • 1000

Mounting Options

  • Upstacking
  • Downstacking

Acceptance Rate

  • +88%


  • 1 year