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Environmental Commitment

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Vision for Environmental Stewardship

MEI Protect, Preserve, Participate

MEI is passionate about leaving the world a better place by encouraging business practices that respect the natural environment. Our Associates provide the leadership, both at work and in their communities, required to preserve the environment for future generations. We support these efforts because doing the right thing builds a better quality of life for everyone, enabling a world rich with opportunities both economically and individually.

As a pioneer of many technological solutions in the transaction electronics industry, MEI understands the need to be a leader in environmental stewardship within the industries we do business in. Our products are acknowledged for their lowest possible lifetime environmental impact through design and production technology thoughtfully included as part of MEI’s commitment to minimizing our environmental impact.  

MEI Environmental Mission

MEI recognizes the importance of preserving the world’s natural resources for future generations. To help work towards a cleaner environment for everyone to enjoy, MEI pledges to be at the forefront of our industry in embracing sustainable business practices. MEI has formed a Global Green Team to develop and promote best business practices for our products, processes and facilities.


To view our most recent Sustainability Report, click a link below and use the arrow keys to navigate through the brief.